World Record Paper Airplane!

Be sure to stop by the Paper Airplane World Record booth featuring John Collins, the world record holder for paper airplane distance, at the 2016 San Jose Mini Maker Faire!

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Learning how to fold the best paper airplane in the world is just the start. You’ll learn the adjusting tricks to make the plane fly better and farther than average paper airplanes. You’ll also be treated to ongoing demonstrations of planes that circle back, spin, tumble, flip over and fly back upside down, flap their wings, and some fly forever (actual forever may vary).  Learn the science behind these tricks or just enjoy the show.

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In addition to hosting local television segments, John Collins has appeared on Conan, Discovery, Nat Geo, Science Channel, Hallmark, NFL Channel, ESPN, TV Globo (Brazil), as well as the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Google, Intuit, Genentech, Edmodo, Sony PS4, XOJet, and RedBull have all enjoyed John’s mix of science and entertainment.

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John is the author of three books, containing unique collections of his paper airplanes. His designs require only folding. The art of Making is skinned down to the bare minimum: one sheet of letter size paper, a little instruction, and (woosh!) you’ve just made an amazing flying machine.

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