Under the Sea with Academic Antics

Academic Antics is a non-profit educational group in the San Jose area that provides classes in a broad range of subject areas for many ages. They offer everything from core subject areas such as language arts, math and science; to fun electives, such as a Maker Vs. Zombies class and a Graphic Novel Literature class.

At the 2016 San Jose Mini Maker Faire they will be presenting their Ocean Experience project that their Maker Club has put together.

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Once a week during the summer, students and their families have been meeting to help create a variety of props and scenery for their booth.

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Students have created everything from dyed fabric backdrops with ocean life painted on them, to felted sea creatures – some of which light up with fiber optics and soft circuits – to 3D printed sea stars – to building models of rocks to represent tidepools.

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Participants have ranged from age 6 through adult. This project is a work in-progress that they plan to continue working on and entering in future Maker Faires, becoming more complex as the students skills grow. Visitors to the Academic Antics booth will get to walk through the Ocean Experience and can also make a fun light up headband as an anglerfish costume.

For more information about our classes, please visit www.academicantics.com

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