Meet Some of Our 2016 Makers: MindDrive

MindDrive BCI: An Interactive, Hands-Off Experience
Think Fast!  Interested in seeing how your brain works?  Then stop by the MindDrive booth- the only booth to give you a piece of your mind.
MindDrive is a new Bay Area research project developed by Matthew Ebisu that grants any user mental remote control capabilities over a variety of electronic devices.
Black magic you say? No. MindDrive is grounded in Brain-Computer Interface research that uses readily available electroencephalographic (EEG) hardware. By detecting the brain’s Alpha (8-13 Hz) and Beta (14-30 Hz) micro electrical waves, you can actually control a simple electronic system using your thoughts!
Test your brainpower at the 2016 San Jose Mini Maker Faire! Control a tiny robot using only your attention! Force that robot to fight other hapless robots in brain-to brain battles! Fire Nerf bullets using your mind or control Video Games mentally and give your thumbs a rest!  Finally, end your visit by seeing what’s really going on with your thoughts with research grade brainwave monitors. MindDrive BCI- its worth your attention
*Matthew Ebisu is a Maker/ Researcher at Singularity University and creates BCI and robots by day.

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